Oct 05 - 07 2018


9:00 am



The Creative Process – Phoenix, AZ

The Creative Process is the foundational seminar for all Belief IQ® concepts and is a prerequisite for all other seminars. The overall goal of this seminar is to bring students to a place where they can fully operate in the framework that God has always intended for us; creators. As Jesus put it, “When you pray, believe that you have what you’ve asked for, and it shall be given to you.” This simple equation is truly the secret to having the exact life you desire, yet the mechanisms of religion and life continue to create barriers between humanity and the fulfillment that this scripture promises. By the end of this gathering, it is our expectation that this concept will be fully understood and you will have the necessary tools to implement it in your day to day life if you so choose.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to ‘pray’ and truly believe that you have what you’ve asked for (and walk away knowing for sure that you actually believe it)
  • The difference between the soul and spirit, and their functions
  • Which part of your 3-part existence (body / soul / spirit) corresponds with which mind
  • How to communicate with the subconscious mind through the body (muscle testing) with consistent accuracy
  • How to discover unknown limiting beliefs and/or emotional walls, and how to replace them with new ones
  • Why/how the Law of Attraction works, and what higher laws precede it
  • Multiple modalities for creating the life you want and overcoming the circumstances currently in your way
  • Why your beliefs are the foundation of your life, and how to change them for yourself and others

Venue Details:

The training seminar will be held at the home of Julie Lauchner unless more people sign up than expected. Should the venue need to change, it will be within a reasonable distance from the original venue so you won’t have to worry about lodging or extra travel time. Snacks will be provided at the venue, and we will take multiple breaks throughout the day. Please note that there is a “well behaved” Yorkie (dog) at the venue. If you are allergic to dogs, please send us a message HERE, and let us know your concerns. On a side note, if you are allergic to dogs (or cats or chocolate or your spouse) there is a good chance you won’t be by the time the seminar is over. 🙂

Basic Schedule:

In general, we will be starting at 9 am each of the three mornings of the seminar and going until noon. Regardless of when exactly we take lunch, we will have 1 hour and 15 minutes before coming back to finish for the day. There will be at least 1 break in the morning and 1 break in the afternoon. Each of the first two evenings we will finish around 6 pm. The final evening will likely finish a bit early, but this is not guaranteed. If you must schedule your travel for late afternoon, we understand. Additionally, there will be multiple breakout/practice segments throughout the weekend.

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